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Bees VPN

Lock your location and data away from prying eyes with Bees VPN, an app that protects your privacy while you browse the internet.

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What is vpn for iphone?

Bees VPN is a tool that helps protect your online privacy, access content intended for audiences in other countries, and more. With superfast VPN servers in countries around the world, you’ll always be able to get online and access the apps and services you need, no matter where you happen to be.

Who is HawkPass VPN for?

Hawkpass VPN is for anyone and everyone who wants to protect their privacy.
But it can also do so much more. Some of the use cases for Hawkpass VPN include:

Hide IP address
Protecting your IP address from prying eyes, including snooping ad companies.
Stay safe online.
Ensuring internet service providers can’t monitor your browsing habits.
Access content.
Gaining access to streaming services and social networks that would otherwise be out of reach due to geographical restrictions — never miss that hit new show again!
Advanced security.
Accessing your banking and other apps even when you’re out of the country.
WiFi Hotspot Shield.
Staying safe even when using free Wi-Fi networks in cafes and other public locations.
Change location on iPhone.
Paying less — choose which country to buy your online services from to save money on local pricing.
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